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    Hotaru no haka (1988)

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    subtitrari Hotaru no haka (1988)

    Directed by:
    Genre: Animation / Drama / War
    Rating (imdb): 8.1/10 (14,962 votes)
    Also Known As: Grave of the Fireflies,Tombstone for Fireflies,Tombstone for the Fireflies,Corrupted Minds,grave firerlies,Hotaru no haka
    Apt Pupil (1998)

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    subtitrari Apt Pupil (1998)

    Directed by: Bryan Singer
    Genre: Drama / Thriller
    Rating (imdb): 6.4/10 (6,821 votes)
    Cast: Brad Renfro, Ian McKellen, Joshua Jackson, Mickey Cottrell, Michael, Ann Dowd, Bruce Davison
    Also Known As: Élève doué,L`,Un élève doué - Été de corruption,apt pupil
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    The Corruptor (1999)

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    subtitrari The Corruptor (1999)

    Directed by: James Foley
    Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
    Rating (imdb): 5.7/10 (7,292 votes)
    Cast: Yun-Fat Chow, Mark Wahlberg, Ric Young, Paul Ben-Victor, Jon Kit Lee, Andrew Pang
    Also Known As: the corruptor,the corruptor 2006
    Mort d`un pourri (1977)

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    subtitrari Mort d`un pourri (1977)

    Directed by: Georges Lautner
    Genre: Crime|Drama|Thriller
    Rating (imdb): 6.7/10 (492 votes)
    Cast: Alain Delon, Ornella Muti, Stéphane Audran, Mireille Darc
    Also Known As: Death of a Corrupt Man,The Twisted Detective,Mort d`un pourri,mort d`un pouri,Mort d`un pourri
    La corrupción de Chris Miller (1973)

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    subtitrari La corrupción de Chris Miller (1973)

    Directed by: Juan Antonio Bardem
    Genre: Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller
    Rating (imdb): 6.4/10
    Cast: Jean Seberg, Marisol, Barry Stokes, Perla Cristal, Rudy Gaebel
    Also Known As:
    Behind the Shutters,Sisters of Corruption,The Corruption of Chris Miller,La Corrupcion de Chris Miller (1973)

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    subtitrari The Newton Boys (1998)

    Directed by: Richard Linklater
    Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | History | Western
    Rating (imdb): 5.7/10 (3,939 votes)
    Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Skeet Ulrich, Ethan Hawke
    Also Known As: The Newton Boys

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    subtitrari Snuff killer - La morte in diretta (2003) (V)

    Directed by: Bruno Mattei
    Genre: Thriller
    Rating (imdb): 3.8/10 (90 votes)
    Cast: Carla Solaro, Gabriele Gori, Carlo Mucari, Federica Garuti, Anita Auer, Achille Brugnini
    Also Known As: Snuff Trap,Snuff movie - la morte in diretta

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    subtitrari Heavenly Creatures (1994)

    Directed by: Peter Jackson
    Genre: Crime | Drama | Fantasy | Romance | Thriller
    Rating (imdb): 7.6/10 (22,812 votes)
    Cast: Melanie Lynskey, Kate Winslet, Sarah Peirse, Diana Kent
    Also Known As: Heavenly Creatures: The Uncut Version,Himmlische Kreaturen,excesive decision

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    subtitrari House of Flying Daggers (2004)

    Directed by: Yimou Zhang
    Genre: Action|Adventure|Drama
    Rating (imdb): 7.5
    Cast: Ziyi Zhang, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau, Dandan Song
    Also Known As: House of Flying Daggers,Ambush From Ten Sides,the house of flying daggers,The house of the flying daggers,Attack from Ten Directions,more,dragon dinasty,House of Flying Daggers [2004],mai,house of fliing dangers,Kung.Fu.Hustle[2004]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo,Shi.mian.mai.fu[2004],house,of,flying,daggers,2004,Casa sabiilor zburatoare (2004)