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    subtitrari Carlito`s Way: Rise to Power (2005) (V)

    Directed by: Michael Bregman
    Genre: Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
    Rating (imdb): 4.9/10 (1,478 votes)
    Also Known As: Carlito`s Way: The Beginning,carlitos way rise to power,carlito`s way rise to power,carlito`s wai-rise to the power,more,Carlitos.Wa Rise To Power

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    subtitrari Babylon A.D. (2008)

    Directed by: Mathieu Kassovitz
    Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller See
    Rating (imdb): 5.3/10
    Cast: Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh, Mélanie Thierry,
    Also Known As: Babylon Babies,Babylon A.D.,Babylon A.D. (2008),BABYLON AD,babilon A.D,babylon a.d.r,babzlon ad,max payne ts xvid,babilon ad,BABYLON AD 2008,Babilon. A. D,babylon ad unrated,babylon A.B,babylon.a.d 2008,Babylon [1].A.D.2008,babylonad,Bangkok.Dangerous[2008]DvDrip-aXXo,balylo a d,babylon.a.d.2008.dvdrip,Transporter.3[2008]DvDrip-aXXo,missao babilonia,transporter3 aXXo,Babylon.A.D.[2008]DvDrip-aXXo,Transporter.3(2008)DvDrip-aXXo,van diesel-mision babilonia,babylon a d,babylon a.d.2008

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    subtitrari Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)

    Directed by: Bill Condon
    Genre: Horror | Thriller
    Rating (imdb): 4.7/10 (2,822 votes )
    Cast: Tony Todd, Kelly Rowan, William O'Leary, Bill Nunn
    Also Known As: Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh,candyman 2-farewell to the flesh,candyman2,Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh,Candyman Farewell to the Flesh (1995)

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    subtitrari The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus (2012)

    Directed by: Alexandre O. Philippe. The world`s most beloved and scorned cephalopod, whose remarkable string of 8 correct `predictions` during the 2010 Soccer World Cup made him a worldwide superstar
    Genre: (France)
    Rating (imdb): 6.6
    Also Known As: The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus (2012)