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    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

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    subtitrari The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

    Directed by: Stephen Norrington
    Genre: Action | Fantasy | Sci-Fi See
    Rating (imdb): 5.5/10
    Cast: Sean Connery, Naseeruddin Shah, Peta Wilson,
    Also Known As: LXG,LXG: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,Liga der außergewöhnlichen Gentlemen,Die,The League,league of extraordinary gentleman,the league of extraordinary gentelman,the league of extraordiny gentlemen,league sub,league of extraordinary gentelmen,The League sub.,the league of extraodinary gentlemen,Liga výjimecných,Die Liga der außergewöhnlichen Gentlemen,Liga výjimecných,the legue of extraordinary getlemen, "LXG" - USA ,"The League" - USA ,"League of Legend" - Japan
    Any Given Sunday (1999)

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    subtitrari Any Given Sunday (1999)

    Directed by: Oliver Stone
    Genre: Drama | Sport
    Rating (imdb): 6.6/10 (42,881 votes)
    Cast: Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid
    Also Known As: Gridiron,Monday Night,On Any Given Sunday,Playing Hurt,The League,any give sanday,ANY GIVEN SOUNDAY,Any Given Sunday Special Edition Director`s Cut 1999
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    Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

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    subtitrari Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

    Directed by: Gary Trousdale
    Genre: Animation | Adventure | Family | Sci-Fi
    Rating (imdb): 6.4/10
    Cast: Michael J. Fox, Corey Burton, Claudia Christian
    Also Known As: Atlantis,Atlantis The Lost Empire,monstersinc,atlantis the last empaire,atlatantis,children atlantis,Atlantis: The Lost Empire,20000league under the sea
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    30,000 Leagues Under the Sea (2007) (V)

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    subtitrari 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea (2007) (V)

    Directed by: Gabriel Bologna
    Genre: Sci-Fi
    Rating (imdb): 3.5/10 (308 votes)
    Cast: Lorenzo Lamas, Natalie Stone, Sean Lawlor
    Also Known As: 30,000 Leagues Under The Sea,30000 leagues under the sea,30000.Leagues.Under.The.Sea.2007,30 000 Leagues Under The Sea,30000 leagues under the sea 2007
    Das Boot (1981)

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    subtitrari Das Boot (1981)

    Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen
    Genre: Drama | War
    Rating (imdb): 8.5/10 (58,888 votes)
    Cast: Jürgen Prochnow, Herbert Grönemeyer, Klaus Wennemann, Hubertus Bengsch, Martin Semmelrogge
    Also Known As: The Boat,The Good German KLAXXON,30000 league under the sea,the war file u.boat war,das boot]
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