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    Hilfe! Ich bin ein Fisch (2000)

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    subtitrari Hilfe! Ich bin ein Fisch (2000)

    Directed by: Stefan Fjeldmark, Michael Hegner, Greg Manwaring.
    Genre: (Germany)
    Rating (imdb): 5.7
    Also Known As: Help! I`m a Fish,Hilfe! Ich bin ein Fisch,Help,I`m A Fish,¡Socorro,soy un pez! (2000)
    Terkel i knibe (2004)

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    subtitrari Terkel i knibe (2004)

    Directed by: Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen, Thorbjørn Christoffersen, Stefan Fjeldmark
    Genre: Animation|Comedy|Drama
    Rating (imdb): 7.0
    Cast: Anders Matthesen, Kim Mattheson, Bill Bailey, Olivia Colman
    Also Known As: Terkel in Trouble,Babe Fuck,Babe Fuck Movie,Terkel em Sarilhos (2004)
    Asterix and the Vikings (2006)

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    subtitrari Asterix and the Vikings (2006)

    Directed by: Stefan Fjeldmark, Jesper Møller
    Genre: Animation|Adventure|Comedy|5 April 2006 (Belgium)
    Rating (imdb): 5.9/10
    Cast: Roger Carel, Lorànt Deutsch, Sara Forestier, Jacques Frantz
    Also Known As: Asterix and the Vikings,Asterix og vikingerne,Astérix Le Gaulois,asterix et les vikings,asetrix and wikings,Asterix y los vikingos,Astérix et les Vikings

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    subtitrari Chicken Little (2005)

    Directed by: Mark Dindal
    Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Sci-Fi
    Rating (imdb): 5.8/10 (14,164 votes)
    Cast: Zach Braff, Garry Marshall, Don Knotts
    Also Known As: Chicken Little,chitken litlle,chiken litlle,chichen little,"chicken little",chicken litle,Daks,little chicken,cicken little,crazy little chicken,`Chiken little 2 [2008]`,http://subtitrari.

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    subtitrari "The Mahabharata" (1989)

    Directed by: Peter Brook
    Genre: Drama | Fantasy
    Rating (imdb): 7.6/10 (420 votes)
    Cast: Erika Alexander, Maurice Bénichou, Amba Bihler, Lou Bihler, Urs Bihler
    Also Known As: Mahâbhârata,Le,Mahabharata,"Mahâbhârata,Le",Mahabharata - PeterBrook

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    subtitrari Bad Boys II (2003)

    Directed by: Michael Bay
    Genre: Action|Comedy|Crime
    Rating (imdb): 6.3
    Cast: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Gabrielle Union, Jordi Mollà
    Also Known As: Bad Around the World,Bad Boys 2,Good Cops: Bad Boys II,badboys,bad boys2 fr,Fucking Machine Plan,bad bpoy 2,"Good Cops: Bad Boys II" - Malaysia,Dos policías rebeldes II (2003)

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    subtitrari Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006)

    Directed by: Chris Paine
    Genre: Documentary|4 August 2006 (UK)
    Rating (imdb): 7.8/10
    Cast: Martin Sheen, Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Reverend Gadget
    Also Known As: EV Confidential,WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR?,who kiled electric cars,who killed the eletric car,sechestrati in larg,¿Quién mató al coche eléctrico?,who kill the electric car