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    Requiem for a Dream (2000)

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    subtitrari Requiem for a Dream (2000)

    Directed by: Darren Aronofsky
    Genre: Drama
    Rating (imdb): 8.4
    Cast: Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, Marlon Wayans
    Also Known As: Delusion Over Addiction,requiem for a dream,Reguiem for a Dream,ass,requvem for a dream,requirem for a dream,requem for a dream,requeim for a dream,Réquiem por un sueño,Dream of Four Hundred Years (2011),Requiem pentru un vis (2000)
    Blind Side - Die große Chance (2009)

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    subtitrari Blind Side - Die große Chance (2009)

    Directed by: John Lee Hancock
    Genre: Biography|Drama|Sport
    Rating (imdb): 7.6
    Cast: Quinton Aaron, Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Jae Head
    Also Known As: The Blind Side (2009),the blinde side,the blide side,Un sueño posible,Blind (2012) Logan,Blind Side - Die große Chance,Povestea unui campion (2009)
    Shu dan long wei (1995)

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    subtitrari Shu dan long wei (1995)

    Directed by: Jing Wong
    Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime
    Rating (imdb): 5.8/10 (1,706 votes)
    Cast: Jet Li, Jacky Cheung, Chingmy Yau, Charlie Yeung, Kelvin Wong
    Also Known As: High Risk,Jeung hok yau,Meltdown,high risc,meltdown 1995jet li,Sue daam lung wei,High Risk 2007,Shu dan long wei,shu dang long wei,high risk 2008 Jet Li,Jet Li Meltdown
    Good Night, and Good Luck. (2005)

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    subtitrari Good Night, and Good Luck. (2005)

    Directed by: George Clooney
    Genre: Drama / History
    Rating (imdb): 7.8/10 (27,051 votes)
    Also Known As: Good Night,and Good Luck,and Good Luck.,good night and good luck,Boa Noite e Boa Sorte,Boa Noite,e Boa Sorte,Bonsoir,et bonne chance,Buenas noches y buena suerte,Buenas noches,y buena suerte,y buena suerte.,goodnight and good luck,More searches | Tips free trial Showing page 1 of 34 main details combined details full cast and crew company credits user comments external reviews newsgroup reviews awards & nominations user ratings recommendations message board plot summary plot keywords summary memorable quotes trivia goofs soundtrack listing crazy credits alternate versions movie connections merchandising links box office & business release dates filming locations technical specs laserdisc details DVD details literature listings news articles taglines trailers posters photo gallery on tv,schedule links showtimes official site miscellaneous photographs sound clip(s) video clip(s) You need to be a registered user of the IMDb to rate a movie - I have seen this movie and would like to submit a comment Syriana (2005),Good night and good look,Good site,good night and good bye,good night and goodbey,Cincinnati Speed Dating
    The Era of Vampires (2002)

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    subtitrari The Era of Vampires (2002)

    Directed by: Wellson Chin
    Genre: Horror | Action
    Rating (imdb): 4.5/10 (776 votes)
    Cast: Ken Chang, Michael Chow Man-Kin, Suet Lam, Kwok-Kwan Chan, Anya
    Also Known As: Tsui Hark`s Vampire Hunters,Era of Vampire,The,Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters,The Era of Vampires,Tsui.Harks.Vampire.Hunters

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    subtitrari Meetings with Remarkable Men (1979)

    Directed by: Peter Brook
    Genre: Biography / Drama
    Rating (imdb): 6.2/10 (115 votes)
    Cast: Grégoire Aslan, Martin Benson, Colin Blakely, Mikica Dimitrijevic, Cimenli Fahrettin, Tom Fleming, Athol Fugard
    Also Known As: Meetings With Remarkable Men

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    subtitrari Apache Gold (1963)

    Directed by: Harald Reinl
    Genre: Western|Adventure
    Rating (imdb): 6.8/10 (1,167 votes)
    Cast: Lex Barker, Pierre Brice, Marie Versini, Mario Adorf
    Also Known As: Apache Gold,Valle dei lunghi coltelli,La,Vinetu I,Winnetou I,Winnetou the Warrior,winetou,Vinnetou,Vinnetou-1.Teil,winettou,winetou teil1,winnetou 1962,more,winnetou teil 1,winnetou tht warrior,winnwtou,winnettou,WINNETOU-The Warrior,WINNETOU1,winnetou.1.teil.1963,winnetou1963,winntou-old shatterhand(1963),winetou 1,Winnetou and Old Shatterhand,furiaapache,La valle dei lunghi coltelli,winnetou-old shatterhand,Furia apache

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    subtitrari Rome (TV Series 2005–2007)

    Directed by:
    Genre: Action|Drama|History
    Rating (imdb): 9.2/10
    Also Known As: Rome Season,Roma,roma season2,Rome - Season 2,rome sezon 2,rome-sezon 2,ROME S2,Rome Season 2,Rome Season 1,Rome Sezonul 1,rome s01

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    subtitrari Julius Caesar (1953)

    Directed by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
    Genre: Drama | History
    Rating (imdb): 7.4/10 (3,305 votes )
    Cast: Marlon Brando, James Mason, John Gielgud
    Also Known As: William Shakespeare`s Julius Caesar,Julius Caesar (1953),imperium augustus download,IULIUS CEZAR,iulius cesar,caiesar,William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar