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    The Last Legion (2007)

    download subtitrari 3618 downloads (5 subtitrari)

    subtitrari The Last Legion (2007)

    Directed by: Doug Lefler
    Genre: Action|Adventure|Fantasy|17 August 2007 (USA)
    Rating (imdb): 5.4/10
    Cast: Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley, Aishwarya Rai, Peter Mullan
    Also Known As: The Last Legion,The Enchanted Sword (2007),Dernière légion,La,The.Last.Legion.2007,the last legion dvd,la ultima legion,Aishwarya Rai,Ultima legione,L`,Die.letzte.Legion,L ultima legione 2007,l`ultima legione,the last legion2007,The_Last_Legion(2007,ultima legiune,lastlegion,Rome 460 A.D,la derniere legion,L'ultima legione,La dernière légion,The fall of an empire—the Lesson of Byzantium
    Honey (2003)

    download subtitrari 1895 downloads (2 subtitrari)

    subtitrari Honey (2003)

    Directed by:
    Genre: Drama / Romance
    Rating (imdb): 4.3/10 (6,264 votes)
    Cast: Jessica Alba, Lil` Romeo, Mekhi Phifer, David Moscow, Zachary Williams, Joy Bryant
    Also Known As: honey
    Andromeda (TV Series 2000–2005)

    download subtitrari 1724 downloads (2 subtitrari)

    subtitrari Andromeda (TV Series 2000–2005)

    Directed by:
    Genre: Action|Adventure|Drama
    Rating (imdb): 6.5
    Also Known As: Gene Roddenberry`s Andromeda,adromeda,andromeda season 1,Andromeda (2000–2005),Andromeda (2000)
    The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

    download subtitrari 1016 downloads (2 subtitrari)

    subtitrari The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

    Directed by: Jim Fall
    Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Family | Music | Romance
    Rating (imdb): 4.7/10 (9,064 votes)
    Cast: Hilary Duff, Adam Lamberg, Hallie Todd,
    Also Known As: Ciao Lizzie!,Lizzie in Rome,the liziie mcguire movie,the liceale a popstar,The.Lizzie.Mcguire,The Lizzie McGuire Movie
    Romeo and Juliet (1968/I)

    download subtitrari 961 downloads (1 subtitrari)

    subtitrari Romeo and Juliet (1968/I)

    Directed by: Franco Zeffirelli
    Genre: Drama | Romance
    Rating (imdb): 7.8/10 (11,356 votes)
    Cast: Leonard Whiting, Olivia Hussey, John McEnery, Milo O'Shea, Pat Heywood
    Also Known As: Romeo e Giulietta,Romeo and Juliet (1968),Romeo and Juliet 1968,romeo and juliet(zefirelli),romeo si julieta,William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet,Romeo And Juliet - Part 1 (1968)

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